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The Conservation Studio was first established in 1994 by Chezel Bird and was subsequently joined by her husband, Eddie Booth. Both were past Inspectors with English Heritage (now Historic England) and were very active in the Institute of Historic Buildings and Conservation (IHBC) at a national and local level 


With their passing, they left  behind a legacy of heritage-related work and projects across the UK. Sadly Chezel passed  in 2015 before the 21st Anniversary of The Conservation Studio. Eddie passed in May 2018. 


Now with the kind permission of Hattie Booth, we are seeking to continue their work, hopefully with contributions and resources from other colleagues and associates who had an involvement with The Conservation Studio.  


The Conservation Studio (TCS) will continue as a specialised planning, conservation and architectural practice that works predominantly for local authorities and other public sector organisations, such as Historic England, the National Heritage Lottery Fund, and charitable trusts. We provide advice on urban regeneration, historic buildings and conservation areas as well as acting as Expert Witnesses at Public Inquiries. For projects involving the local community  favour a collaborative approach through workshops, presentations and public exhibitions.


Our services are also provided to privates sector clients and individual home owners who wish to alter their listed building, a building in a conservation area or a heritage building recognised as being of local interest. We also provide advise to prospective purchasers which may involve regularising past works.    

As a practice we work with a variety of consultants including archaeologists, surveyors, conservation planners and environmentalists, specialist contractors and those in the heritage crafts sector. according to the requirements of the brief.


Both Eddie , Chezel and Eimear have worked for a number local authorities in the past, and understand the difficulties faced with allocating scarce resources to an ever-increasing workload. They have often  stepped in to provide interim cover or an extra pair of hands at various levels. This experience has also been of added value to clients when preparing applications because we understand the complexities of the processes involved. 


TCS established a reputation for professionalism and competency in the fields of planning, conservation, architecture and urban design. Under our watch, we seek to deliver the same level of professionalism and values to projects and commissions for local authority clients and private individuals.   


Having local authority experience and the wealth of resources of TCS, we understand the complexities of and difficulties involved with listed building, conservation areas and the management of change. We also understanding the value and significance of heritage and how this is addressed within the rigours of the planning and legislative process. 


TCS seeks to inform change through the assessment of significance and historic research. Maps, apportionments, wills and various other literary and map based evidence along with a robust site visit/assessment ensures we understand the asset and its ability to accommodate change.  

We favour a collaborative approach to projects - guiding clients through processes , bringing in other specialists,, involving the local community when required which may involve workshops, presentations, and public exhibitions. 

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